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Francesco Jr Cuffaro

Chief Technology & Innovation Officer

After major IT collaborations in strategic sectors such as credit and fashion, Francesco Junior Cuffaro feels the need to participate in an organically complete project that exceeds the service in favor of the product .


Strongly interested in the UNiCHECK project, he began a direct and assiduous collaboration that immediately became continuous and structural.


As Chief Information Officer in the UNiCHECK organization, he is responsible for various corporate functions including, first and foremost, that of a corporate leader who makes executive decisions with the CEO.


His background makes him the person of competence for strategic decisions regarding the purchase of IT equipment by suppliers or the creation of new IT systems, such as TiTAN.


In addition, as a company leader, Francesco is responsible for relations with the structures that collaborate with the company, in outsourcing.


In the corporate structure, Francesco expresses high organizational skills that allow him to balance roles and responsibilities in the continuous pursuit of competitive advantage.


To date, the CIO's commitment has focused on products aimed at customers in the awareness of the importance of providing digital services as part of their relationship with the UNiCHECK organization.

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