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Roberto Moro

Chief Executive Officer

Roberto Moro is the CEO of Unicheck, an integral and active part of Print Trace Tech.

Roberto's collaboration with the parent company's management group began in 2006 with the idea of implementing a special pharmaceutical waste treatment project, for the part relating to the automatic reading of the certification data of each package disposed of.


Always remaining within the Group, he was commissioned to implement the first complete safety traceability and traceability system (SITRIS patent), the Consumer goods certification system (COOK IS patent) and finally the SEiD system for Unicheck.


For Roberto, the realization of the SEiD project represents a different approach in that it passes from collaboration to direct management of the Company with the title of CEO.


In this new context, his professional contribution extends to all the activities of the PTT Group and therefore from the problems of waste management with full reporting to the programming and management of high-tech printing services, from IT support for healthcare to the identification system. full guarantee of the originality of the products marketed.


Roberto's high competence and diversified range of activities have enabled Unicheck to pursue important innovative and commercial projects in various areas of the world such as Europe, the United States, Canada, Africa and Asia.


In Roberto's managerial approach, Unicheck is carrying out his projects almost exclusively with external consultancy or outsourcing, in order to always have the necessary energy both as time and as a specialization, as well as the operational support of the best IT technicians to improve and refine every aspect of his creations.

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