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The coding of products, supported by an appropriate management system, is a topic of great relevance because the consumer is increasingly sensitive and attentive to his choices, in an evolving market where many products are offered and advertised.

In the clothing sector, the adequately informed and prudent consumer is looking for not only a product but also a safe product: hence the need to ensure transparent information, quality products and measures to protect his health and safety. This sensitivity of the consumer has long been present in clothing in contact with the skin but has now extended to all fabrics such as finishes, shoes and bags.

To meet these expectations and guarantee the legitimate rights of the consumer, beyond the current regulations in force, the Unicheck System is able to guarantee detailed and particular information to the consumer, which is permanently updated even after the final sale.

Reading the code introduced with the Unicheck system allows you to be updated in the distribution chain or as consumers / users in real time of what has been discovered, highlighted and prepared up to that moment.

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