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Franco Staino

Group PTT-Advisor Director

Franco Staino is the Chief Executive Officer of Print Trace Tech (PTT Group), the company that controls Unicheck, from where he manages the research, development and programming activities of the various Group companies.


Franco has held leading positions in the public and private sectors, relating to the pharmaceutical sector, both as a manager in distribution and as a senior manager of the Association of industries operating in Italy. After a few decades of management, Franco's experience was exclusively of an entrepreneurial nature in companies aimed at developing and affirming the ideals and values consolidated during the years of professional growth.


Before setting up the PTT Group, Franco held various positions in companies in which he participated, making strategic projects accompanied by the search for elements of innovation in products and procedures.


The guarantee of diversification of the activities of the individual companies controlled by the PTT Group in a unitary, synergistic and compatible process is guaranteed in the group by Franco's active presence in direct coordination, with the support of the managers in charge of the governance of the individual companies.


Franco's role on the Unicheck Board is that of Director able to standardize all the choices made within Unicheck with the group's strategic policy. This approach has great practical value in that it complements, in many cases, the activities of a company with those of the other group companies, thus increasing the direct business and the general activity of the Group itself.

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