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The company, born with a basic capital controlled entirely by Print Trace Tech Srl (PTT), purchased and incorporated the activities of Cook IS Ltd of London, a company specialized in security traceability systems.  


Over time it has surrounded itself with researchers and designers engaged in the last thirty years in the main markets interested in the traceability, traceability and safety of consumer goods and other technological products, including the great experience of the traceability of the drug in Italy in force since 1988. This concentration of experiences, studies and real know-how, has produced the SEiD (Security and Identification) integral security traceability system which then in turn developed the TiTAN system in various application versions. This work produced the best system in the world (i) for logistics management (traceability, traceability, geolocation), (ii) to combat illegal practices on consumer goods (counterfeiting, smuggling, theft), (iii) to guarantee sustainability in relation to the price of the individual product.


With a special section, Unicheck Investitor Program (UIP), the company has launched a program to bring together essential capital for the rapid development of its systems in the international market.


Currently the capital company is "limited liability" but in development programs does not exclude the transformation to a "joint-stock company".

Through qualified consultants in the financial and legal sector, the Unicheck Investitor Program seeks investors (Equity).

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