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High technologies for correct identification and certification solutions for products intended for the healthcare sector.

Unicheck with the TiTAN system is the world leader in coding solutions for products used in the healthcare sector. Whether it is to enhance the product with the speedy and timely transmission of information or to meet what the legislation requires, the efforts made focus on identifying and creating the best solution.

The interactive system used makes it possible to guarantee that the proposed solution adequately meets the requirements in terms of price, functionality and performance.

Every consumer must be able to understand if the products he uses are original or counterfeit, and even more so if they are pathological healing products. The TiTAN system adopts a technology which, by reading the Qr code assigned to each pack placed on the market, allows consumers through their smartphone to verify the authenticity of the product. Unicheck's digital technology not only guarantees the uniqueness of each single code combined with a product, allowing it to be traced and verified, but also allows customization of the use procedures.

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